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Epoxy Floor Covering in Bexar County

Metallic Epoxy Floor Covering

Q: How many coats of epoxy on the garage floor?

A: When installing an epoxy floor, the installation process should include at least two coats of epoxy flooring.

High durability and exceptional performance make epoxy floor covering a popular choice for residential and industrial installations.

However, this type of flooring offers more than function. It can also add aesthetic value to any space.

Having a metallic epoxy floor covering is just one of the ways you can take advantage of decorative epoxy flooring to beautify the surface of your floors.

Choose from a wide range of colors and finishes from a muted grey with soft sheen to a bold blue with metallic sparkle.

At Epoxy Flooring San Antonio, we give you the option of fully customizing your epoxy flooring to reflect your taste and unique style.

If you’re not sure which design to choose, our epoxy installers can assist you. Their excellent eye for detail and flare for design can help bring your vision to life and produce one-of-a-kind and stunning result.

Custom Epoxy Flooring

The design and overall appearance of epoxy floor covering is highly customizable, but before you come up with the design it is important to keep in mind how the color and finish will affect the ambiance of the area.

A basement or small room, for instance, will benefit from the use of metallic epoxy floors since the tiny particles added to the epoxy mixture are highly reflective.

At Epoxy Flooring San Antonio, every work is unique. You have full creative control over the finished results because we mix the epoxy ourselves according to the look you want to achieve, whether you want the flooring to be slightly glossy or incredibly shiny.


When it comes to creating various designs using epoxy floor covering, there is literally no limit.

Our experts can help you achieve various patterns and designs using different techniques so your flooring can mimic marble, wood, rock, or even your very own work of art.

Over the years, our team has completed numerous decorative epoxy floor installations, including 3D epoxy flooring so you can be confident that your flooring will look the way you want it to.

All you need to do to translate your ideas into reality is to give us a call.


The beauty of epoxy flooring is that every floor is unique. This one-of-a-kind quality is not just because of the design you choose it also depends on the installation itself.

At Epoxy Flooring San Antonio, our experts take time to prepare the floor properly to make sure that the epoxy adheres to the floor surface.

Floor preparation involves several steps that include cleaning the surface, fixing and filling in cracks, buffing uneven surfaces, and checking for moisture seepage.

Once all the necessary steps have been taken, our professional installers will apply the epoxy coating with precision and care to create the distinctive patterning that you expect.

With years of experience under their belt, our team is focused on delivering a final product that will not just meet your expectations but exceed them.

Professional Epoxy Installers in San Antonio TX

If you’re looking for something that meets your requirements for both form and function, epoxy flooring delivers.

Epoxy is an extremely versatile flooring material that can be customized to suit whatever purpose – whether decorative or practical.

Epoxy Flooring San Antonio offers the highest level of skill and expertise to produce a final product that will impress your friends and garner your full satisfaction.

Feel free to contact us by telephone or email to find out more about our custom epoxy flooring services.

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