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Concrete Floor Polishing for your Home or Business

Concrete Polishing

Q: How to apply epoxy flooring?

A: First, you’ll need to make certain the epoxy flooring is a good match for your existing concrete slab or other floor type. 

Next, clean and prime your floor. 

Purchase the epoxy resin mix that’s right for you and then mix and apply the epoxy.

Are you tired of your old, cracked concrete walkway? Are you looking for a walkway surface for your home or business that is easy to maintain and durable while still adding to the overall attractiveness and appeal of the outside of your property? If so, it’s time to consider adding concrete floor polishing fo your residence or place of business.

At Epoxy Flooring Milwaukee, WI we offer epoxy floor coating as well was polished concrete solutions. Epoxy floor installation is a unique floor system because it’s applied as a liquid but cures into a hard plastic material. The result is a shiny polished concrete floor that is resistant to cracks, scraps, and chemicals. Epoxy coatings are made with resin and hardeners that react chemically and bond with the concrete substrate for long-lasting performance and strength.

Our company situated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a cost-effective yet incredibly durable polished concrete floor system that can revitalize and protect interior concrete flooring such as garages, basements, and workshops. Our concrete polishing contractors install epoxy flooring for residential and commercial customers with a focus on high-grade products, reliable installation, and great customer service. Unlike other polished concrete & epoxy contractors, we have the experience necessary to design any type of epoxy floor you are envisioning, including custom patterns, company logos, safety striping, and elegant metallic epoxy floors.

Our concrete polishing floors are a perfect solution for home or business owners alike. Whether you are trying to maintain a safe and professional concrete walkway in front of your place of business or you want to make your home’s concrete pathways more resistant to wear and tear, we have the product for you. With dozens of color and design options, we have a look to fit any need.

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